DCW Level 2 Aging Adults

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Required for all Non Family DSPs providing attendant care to aging adults. The Part 2 exam has no additional cost.
AHCCCS Approved BadgeThis course covers various topics such as chronic illness, physical disabilities and grief and end of life issues. The Direct Support Professional (DSP) will also learn how to properly drain a catheter bag, use a bedpan and administer a bed bath. All done while being consistently coached on the importance of maintaining privacy and dignity. The Direct Support Professional (DSP) is given the tools to provide holistic support. These skills will prepare a DSP to provide the service of attendant care.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Chronic Diseases
2m 47s
Lesson 3
Chronic Conditions and the Lungs
6m 35s
Lesson 4
The Heart and Lungs
3m 15s
Lesson 5
The Brain and the Nervous System
4m 32s
Lesson 6
Skin, Fingernails and Hair
6m 8s
Lesson 7
Muscles and Bones
3m 47s
Lesson 8
Stomach, Bowles and Bladder
2m 30s
Lesson 9
Effects of Aging on the Body
4m 54s
Lesson 10
Common Conditions Affecting the Body Systems
Lesson 11
Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
3m 55s
Lesson 12
Paralysis and Amputation
1m 7s
Lesson 13
Impact of Aging on Physical and Emotional Needs
3m 25s
Lesson 14
Determining a Person's Needs and Abilities
3m 5s
Lesson 15
Emotional Impact of Physical Disability and Chronic Disease
2m 49s
Lesson 16
Aging, Disability and Sexuality
1m 49s
Lesson 17
Introduction to Activity Planning
1m 44s
Lesson 18
Activity Planning and Choices
1m 31s
Lesson 19
Specific Activities
7m 55s
Lesson 20
Types of Dementia
7m 10s
Lesson 21
Promoting Brain Health
2m 4s
Lesson 22
Progression of Dementia
3m 26s
Lesson 23
Communication with family and Doctors
1m 31s
Lesson 24
Use it or Lose it
1m 32s
Lesson 25
1m 1s
Lesson 26
Distressed Behavior and Redirection
2m 1s
Lesson 27
Distressed Behavior and Therapeutic Fibs
2m 19s
Lesson 28
Distressed Behavior caused by Medical Conditions
1m 49s
Lesson 29
Dementia and Communication Challenges
5m 33s
Lesson 30
Dementia and ADLs
4m 38s
Lesson 31
Hand Under Hand
1m 51s
Lesson 32
Activity Planning
8m 47s
Lesson 33
Importance of Exercise
7m 31s
Lesson 34
Supporting Someone with Dementia vs Someone without Dementia
1m 42s
Lesson 35
Grief and End of Life
17m 39s
Lesson 36
The Dying Process
4m 15s
Lesson 37
Bed Bath
26m 37s
Lesson 38
Bed Pan
6m 20s


Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona
Estela Hunt
Instructor - Tempe
Michelle Cornelius, LMSW, EdM


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