A Specialized Learning Management System Designed for Human Service Professionals

Recruitment, Background Monitoring, Career Path Training, Agency Placement and Records Auditing.

Career Paths offer a flexible leveling structure with numerous training and experience requirements

States and MCOs can facilitate, monitor and audit individualized career paths for direct support professionals.

Offer in-house training to your own employees by becoming an Agency Partner!

Combine in-house training with 3rd party training content. Utilize custom enrollment calendars enabling agency managers and employees to enroll in in-house training.

Real-Time Workforce stats!

Monitor turnover and retention trends at the agency, MCO network or state levels.

  • Active Learner Count
  • Trailing Twelve Month Turnover rate
  • Quarterly Turnover
  • Average Tenure
  • Tenure Rate by employee count
  • Total Inactive Learners
  • Inactive Tenure
Workforce statistics example