DCW Level 1 Fundamentals

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Required for both Family and Non Family DCWs providing Attendant Care in Arizona. The Part 2 exam is additional $50
AHCCCS Approved BadgeThis course will provide the Direct Support Professional (DSP) with knowledge and skills necessary to effectively provide the service of attendant care. The course covers various topics related to ethical and legal issues, cultural competency, nutrition and much more. Upon completing the course the Direct Support Professional (DSP) will have also demonstrated various skills like proper hand washing, glove removal and proper body mechanics while lifting a 10lb. weight. This class is sure to give the DSP the basic skills needed to support a person.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
What you will learn
1m 47s
Lesson 3
Introduction to Communication
11m 29s
Lesson 4
Respect in the Relationship
Lesson 5
Communicating Respect
6m 29s
Lesson 6
Tips for Sensitive Communication with People with Various Disabilities.
3m 34s
Lesson 7
Maxim - Smiling is the way the face gives an emotional hug.
Lesson 8
1st Principle of Direct Support - G.E.M. by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
4m 47s
Lesson 9
2nd Principle of Direct Support - Do With by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
3m 32s
Lesson 10
3rd Principle of Direct Support - Inclusion by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
4m 35s
Lesson 11
4th Principle of Direct Support - Getting a Life by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
6m 17s
Lesson 12
5th Principle of Direct Support - R Before I and T. by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
3m 3s
Lesson 13
6th Principle of Direct Support - Age Appropriateness by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
9m 3s
Lesson 14
Person First Language by Chris Garcia
6m 23s
Lesson 15
Self Determination - Options, Choices and Preferences by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
2m 8s
Lesson 16
Self Determination - Disability and Barriers by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
5m 2s
Lesson 17
Self Determination - 4 Strategies to Overcome Barriers by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
6m 56s
Lesson 18
Developing Positive Relationships by Chris Garcia
2m 4s
Lesson 19
The Purpose of Support Plans by Chris Garcia
2m 42s
Lesson 20
ISP Team Members and Their Roles by Chris Garcia
9m 23s
Lesson 21
Purpose of the ISP Document by Chris Garcia
1m 4s
Lesson 22
DSP involvement in the Individual Support Plan by Chris Garcia
1m 22s
Lesson 23
ISPs and Avoiding Legal Action by Chris Garcia
Lesson 24
Individual Orientation - Getting to Know the Person by Chris Garcia
3m 11s
Lesson 25
Determining the Appropriate Level of Support by Chris Garcia
1m 20s
Lesson 26
Defining Cultural Competence
1m 22s
Lesson 27
Preferences and Culture
2m 45s
Lesson 28
Communication and Possible Cultural Barriers
2m 14s
Lesson 29
Rights for People with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities by Chris Garcia
5m 38s
Lesson 30
Decisions about Services
1m 9s
Lesson 31
Advanced Directives
2m 36s
Lesson 32
Observing Changes
1m 40s
Lesson 33
Documenting and Reporting
2m 32s
Lesson 34
Introduction to Nutrition
Lesson 35
Food Groups and Nutrients
4m 53s
Lesson 36
Reading Food Labels
1m 39s
Lesson 37
Understanding Portions and Servings
1m 21s
Lesson 38
Menu Planning
3m 25s
Lesson 39
Special Diets
5m 23s
Lesson 40
Modified Menu Planning
2m 30s
Lesson 41
Choking by Chris Garcia
1m 55s
Lesson 42
7m 46s
Lesson 43
Skin Breakdown by Chris Garcia
1m 43s
Lesson 44
Who is at an increased risk?
1m 40s
Lesson 45
Emergency Situations
2m 40s
Lesson 46
Emergency Planning
1m 13s
Lesson 47
Calling 9-1-1
Lesson 48
Fire Safety and Risk Factors
1m 34s
Lesson 49
Fire Safety and Smoking
1m 11s
Lesson 50
Fire Safety and Heaters
Lesson 51
Fire Extinguishers
1m 13s
Lesson 52
When NOT to fight a fire
2m 21s
Lesson 53
Electrical Safety
Lesson 54
Risk Factors for Falls and Tips for Prevention
3m 37s
Lesson 55
Oxygen Safety
1m 33s
Lesson 56
Cooking Safety
1m 27s
Lesson 57
Plan your escape
2m 37s
Lesson 58
Pursuing Safety Together
1m 15s
Lesson 59
Introduction to Community Living Skills
2m 10s
Lesson 60
ADLs and IADLs by Chris Garcia
2m 8s
Lesson 61
Promoting Independence with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) by Chris Garcia
2m 55s
Lesson 62
Assisting with the Washer
4m 30s
Lesson 63
Assisting with the Dryer
1m 45s
Lesson 64
Assisting with Hand-Washing dishes
4m 32s
Lesson 65
Assisting with a Dishwasher
2m 41s
Lesson 66
Tips for Stove Top Cooking
2m 11s
Lesson 67
Assisting to clean the Bathroom
1m 53s
Lesson 68
Assisting to Mop the Floor
1m 12s
Lesson 69
Assisting with Cleaning the Refrigerator
1m 22s
Lesson 70
Assisting with Emptying the Trash
1m 40s
Lesson 71
Assisting with Cleaning the Microwave
1m 19s
Lesson 72
Microwave Cooking
1m 31s
Lesson 73
Cleaning Solutions
2m 50s
Lesson 74
Disposable Briefs
3m 8s
Lesson 75
Intro to Gait Belts
4m 6s
Lesson 76
Chair to Bed Transfer with Gait Belt
1m 39s
Lesson 77
Bed to Chair Transfer with Gait Belt
Lesson 78
Chair to Bed Pivot Transfer
Lesson 79
Bed to Walker Transition
1m 20s
Lesson 80
Reposition Someone in Their Bed
5m 42s
Lesson 81
Possible Issues when assisting in the restroom by Chris Garcia
8m 2s
Lesson 82
Repositioning Someone in Their Wheelchair
Lesson 83
Assisting Someone to Sit Up in Bed
1m 55s
Lesson 84
Putting on Shirt While Laying Down
1m 44s
Lesson 85
Assisting Someone with Dressing
1m 3s
Lesson 86
Assisting Someone Brush Their Teeth
4m 11s
Lesson 87
Washing the Perineal Area
3m 18s
Lesson 88
Washing a Person's Backside
1m 18s
Lesson 89
Pushing Someone in a Wheelchair Downhill Safely
Lesson 90
Assisting Someone in a Wheelchair Safely down a Curb
Lesson 91
Assistance with Ambulation
6m 58s
Lesson 92
Assistance with Mealtime by Chris Garcia
1m 18s
Lesson 93
Fading Mealtime Assistance by Tom Pomeranz Ed. D
9m 55s
Lesson 94
Task Completion: Choice or Requirement? by Chris Garcia
6m 44s
Lesson 95
Proper Body Mechanics
2m 48s
Lesson 96
Assistive Technology by Jill Pleasant MA, OTR/L and Heidi Lervik
14m 5s
Lesson 97
Emptying a Catheter Bag
1m 30s


Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona
Tom Pomeranz, Ed.D
Trainer, Coach, Speaker - Indianapolis, Indiana
Estela Hunt
Instructor - Tempe
Jill Pleasant, MA, OTR/L
Program Director - Arizona Assistive Technology Access Program - Phoenix AZ
Heidi Lervik
Assistive Technology Specialist - Phoenix AZ


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