Peaceful Practices ™

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Peaceful Practices is a course designed to give Direct Support Professionals the skills to deliver services free of physical restraint. The DSP will learn how to maintain a restraint free environment by learning the role trauma has in human behavior. The DSP will also learn how to implement the practices of Positive Identity Development. This will allow them to assist the person in seeing themselves as more than just receivers of service but as positive contributors in their environment with lives of quality. When people gain these valued roles and are seen as peers worthy of respect they are less likely to be involved in incidents where a physical restraint is considered to be an option.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Course Objectives
3m 2s
Lesson 3
Restraint Statistics
16m 32s
Lesson 4
Symptoms of Trauma
10m 25s
Lesson 5
The Brain - Volitional VS Autonomic Responses
6m 27s
Lesson 6
Trauma Response VS Behavioral Response
5m 32s
Lesson 7
Biological Brain Damage/Issues
7m 35s
Lesson 8
Safe Environments - The Healing Triangle
2m 6s
Lesson 9
Key Phrases
3m 16s
Lesson 10
Reducing Power Struggles (Intro)
5m 29s
Lesson 11
Relationship Opportunities
5m 46s
Lesson 12
Supporting a Positive Sense of Self
6m 59s
Lesson 13
Developmental Stages
14m 39s
Lesson 14
See the Best in People
8m 1s
Lesson 15
Identity of Many People with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities
7m 7s
Lesson 16
Everyone is "US"
3m 40s
Lesson 17
Horizontal Relationships
13m 24s
Lesson 18
Choose to Believe
2m 48s
Lesson 19
Relationships are a Human Right
4m 7s
Lesson 20
Four Symptoms of PTSD
7m 53s
Lesson 21
Big "T" Trauma and Little "t" Trauma
1m 10s
Lesson 22
Power and Choice
3m 55s
Lesson 23
The Healing Triangle
Lesson 24
Recognizing and Addressing Loneliness
1m 49s
Lesson 25
Social Isolation
1m 33s
Lesson 26
Health Risks of Loneliness
6m 6s
Lesson 27
Harvard's Men Study
3m 31s
Lesson 28
PTSD Study
3m 39s
Lesson 29
The Healing Power of Relationships
1m 51s
Lesson 30
Direct Support Professional Role Evolution
6m 6s
Lesson 31
Possible Solutions for Loneliness
4m 6s
Lesson 32
Transitioning to Restraint Free Support
2m 58s
Lesson 33
Avoiding Power Struggles
5m 19s
Lesson 34
Supporting Decision Making
4m 32s
Lesson 35
5m 14s
Lesson 36
3m 31s
Lesson 37
Lesson 38
Environmental Clearing
Lesson 39
Restorative Skills
3m 56s
Lesson 40
Closing Thoughts
1m 31s


Karyn Harvey, Ph.D
Psychologist - Baltimore MD.
Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (1 Reviews)
David H
Rating: 5 out of 5
Feb 7, 2024
I found the "Peaceful Practices" course to be both informative and inspirational. The content presents a wide range of evidence-based practices which are applicable in all community-based settings. The very experienced presenters are engaging and inspiring. They communicate and demonstrate a broad range of skills every direct service provider should have in their toolbox.