Advanced Principles of Supervision

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This 24 lesson supervisor course is designed to provide you with Advanced Principles of Supervision. It goes beyond the typical do’s and don’ts of a traditional supervision course. In our Advanced Principles of Supervision course the focus is on building relationships and maximizing performance. The learner will gain the skills of creating a person centered work environment, how to spot potential during the interview process, building a more effective workplace through emotional intelligence, communicating effectively through email by getting the tone right and learn how to delegate responsibility amongst staff. These principles along with the many other covered in this course give the learner the tools needed to not only be a quality leader at your agency but also learn how to create opportunities for a better quality of life for people through effective supervision.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
Fundamentals of Supervision
20m 18s
Lesson 2
Supervision: A Person Centered Approach
15m 41s
Lesson 3
NADSP Code of Ethics
21m 37s
Lesson 4
5m 50s
Lesson 5
Interviewing and Hiring - Identifying traits and talents and conducting the interview
31m 8s
Lesson 6
Interviewing and Hiring - The Score Card
2m 40s
Lesson 7
24m 12s
Lesson 8
Emotional Intelligence - Understanding the Brain
4m 40s
Lesson 9
Emotional Intelligence - Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management
13m 47s
Lesson 10
Emotional Intelligence - Managing Difficult Relationships
2m 51s
Lesson 11
Cultural Intelligence
15m 7s
Lesson 12
Creating Stability in the Workplace: A Trauma Informed Approach
11m 12s
Lesson 13
Creating Stability in the Workplace: 4 Essentials to Restore Balance
18m 14s
Lesson 14
5m 32s
Lesson 15
Communication through Email - The Basics
4m 39s
Lesson 16
Communication through Email - Getting the Tone Right
17m 40s
Lesson 17
Communication through Email - Practical Tips
17m 13s
Lesson 18
Communication with Families
24m 31s
Lesson 19
Appropriate Goals and Outcomes
17m 57s
Lesson 20
Matching DSPs and People Supported
31m 57s
Lesson 21
Social Role Valorization
27m 12s
Lesson 22
Self Determination
16m 34s
Lesson 23
8m 40s
Lesson 24
Productive Meetings
24m 56s


Chris Garcia
Senior Instructor at Practical Training Solutions and AZ DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona
Amanda Godek
Instructor at Practical Training Solutions, DDD Lead Instructor - Chandler Arizona


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