Strengths Based Development

The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities
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This 5 lesson course is designed to share principles of Strengths-Based Approaches for leaders in all levels of organizations. It includes not only what Strengths-Based Leadership and Development are but also strategies to employ them in all situations, including when things may be challenging. Both those who supervisor others and those who don’t will benefit from this course. It focuses not only on how to lead in a strengths-based way but also how to make a plan for self-development in a strengths-based, paint-in-the-bucket way. Learners can expect to better understand the benefits of this approach and complete the course with a better understanding of behaviors and strategies to use each day.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1
What It Is And Why It's A Great Approach
10m 39s
Lesson 2
Finding Others' Strengths
11m 41s
Lesson 3
On The Job Development
10m 26s
Lesson 4
Handling Conflict and Challenges
10m 43s
Lesson 5
Developing Yourself
11m 29s


Kristen Loomis Greenidge, MBA
Caitlin Bailey, Ph.D


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